Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tooth Update

Luk had his first dentist appointment on Monday, and it was a great experience for the both of us.

This is Dr. Tarver, and they give you a picture after the visit. Luk was a little scared to do the cleaning, and I needed to comfort him a little. However, he was quickly over it. The missing tooth is our decision. There is no nerve damage and no other teeth were damaged. The best (and surprising) part was NO CAVITIES! Praise the Lord! I wish I had a camera on me with my look of shock. It definitely made Dr. Tarver laugh. We are still up in the air with the bridge. Reson and I discussed it, and the finances aren't there if the insurance doesn't cover the large chunk of it. It is not a have to, but we could possibly see speech issues, or see his top teeth come in too much. We already see that they are coming in, but we decided to just keep an eye on it.
We will see what happens with the insurance, if it's a no go with them we are fine with that. If we do see a speech problem arise that will most likely be our affirmation to get it done. Until next time...