Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It seems that since this is a homeschooling blog that poor little Logan gets left out of the mix because he is in fact only one. However, I have to say that him sitting in and observing Luk has him on an upscale from where Luk was as a one year old.
Logan mimics really well. His favorite show to entertain him while I'm schooling Luk is "Me-Mo" aka Mickey Mouse. His favorite dance is "Ho Doe" aka Hot Dog. He will not say these "words" all the time, however it is a riot hearing say it when he wants it. He also says "mama," "dada," "coocoo" (which is my mom), and "WHOA!" LOL. It's funny hearing him say that one.

So, unstructured schooling for the young one happens at times that are just narrating through the daily life. It is fun hearing him try to say words. He has attempted thank you with "Tha tha." It is never too early to teach manners. =)

Here is my little cutie.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Library Time

This past Thursday at Library Time, our lovely Mrs. Dee had the kids make Caramel Apples as their "craft." It was fun time of reading about pumpkins (which they carved a few weeks ago) and Halloween. It is a great time of fellowship with other moms, the children have fun doing these activities together, and afterward seeing the importance of looking for fun books to read.
Here is some of what happened during that time

The Tortoise beats the Hare

Right now, we are moving at tortoise speed this year. It does make me feel better that Luk is four years old, and I have noticed that each day we do school he does better. It is true that with his phonics his maturity makes it more tolerable. He is doing really well with math. I struggle with the balance of Logan being in the picture. He is very much a momma's boy, and this leads to wanting to grab and interrupt school. He is not satisfied doing something else. I have been trying to do school while he is eating, and that has helped. We don't do school during nap because Luk still naps and it is at the same time. So, we are trucking along just in slow mode.

We need have a great Co-op lesson last week about Harold and Purple Crayon. The kids read the book, watched the movie, made crayons, learned more about primary and secondary colors, and had purple snacks.