Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A small group from our Homeschool Co-op went to a children's science museum called G.WIZ this is a wonderful small contained museum in Sarasota, FL. Our boys LOVED it. Everything was done in a manner for them to understand. Since the boys are only four and younger ones are tots this was a great place to go. Not only did they have great science experiments for them, but there was an enclosed area for the little ones. It was all in the same area. So, us moms could sit and chat watching the little ones on the right and the "big" boys on the left.

We are also sponsoring a Flat Stanley at our house, so we incorporated him into the photos for the day.
Here they are:

The boys and Flat Elodie begin their travels...

She was in safe hands with these three protectors

At first you just wanted to watch...

but then Luk got you in on the action!

Then it was time to watch Logan play...

He ran you over a couple of times... sorry!

We ended the trip in a 3D Art Gallery

Later, Logan involved you in some messy snack... you both needed a bath after that!

Flat Elodie comes from a French Island! How fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Glasses Can DO!!!

I gave Luk a couple of weeks to let his eyes readjust to his glasses. I didn't want him to get frustrated with them since the left eye was getting used to actually working. He has been incredibly responsible for them making sure that he puts them in the same place every night, and for a four year old he keeps them pretty clean.

We did Explode the Code the past few days, and I am in awe. He is doing astonishingly better. He is no longer confused by "n" and "m" and he is so much more confident in his answers. He told me today that is it because he can see better. It is still heartbreaking to think that I was pushing him because I thought he wasn't trying when it was because he couldn't make out the letters. He is willing to do the work more independently, and when I am away from him he breezes through the page.

I really encourage you to get your child's vision checked. It could make a huge difference in your school day. You may find out that your child is not being disobedient, but rather is confused and frustrated because things are "fuzzy." I am even more encouraged with Luk. I was thinking that maybe he wasn't ready even though he was wanting it. So, I am confident in myself and the decision his father and I have made. He gets, he's ready, and we're all confident!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Knocked out Tooth, A Pair of Glasses, and A Walker

It has been an eventful two weeks in our house. Luk knocked out his front tooth on our living room floor. It busted his lip and knocked the tooth right out of his gum. Luk is not foreign to injury in his mouth. When he was about nine months old he bit his tongue and had a major infection due to the bite. So, having one more thing happen to his mouth was very sad for me to watch. We used to think that he was just clumsy because he is prone to black eyes, injury, etc. However, we found out that Luk's lazy eye has alot to do with his accidents. He has bad depth perception, and he can't see without the help of his right eye. His left eye was 20/100. He couldn't make out the big "E" in the eye exam. He was moved to the picture for his left eye. In his right eye he can nearly see perfect, and did great on the letter chart.

A few fact about this and Luk:
1) He would have failed a driving test if they were to give him one based on his vision.
2) He only sees with his right eye, which is handicapping his left eye more.
3) He will need glasses for the rest of his life to keep his left eye functioning correctly.
4) We will have to schedule appointments every three months to make sure that the left eye is beginning to function correctly.
5) We are hoping that by the age of six, Luk's left eye will gain full function with a smaller prescription.
6) The fact that the whole tooth came out, we will not need to do anything immediate. We have an appointment in October.

Logan will be a 11 months old in a few days, and he is already walking. He is not doing it full time, however he is walking a good distance. Here are a few pictures of my boys. This was before Luk's mishap.

Now, the mishap. I have to say, we are blessed. This situation could have gotten really bad, however God made this situation for the better. I am so grateful for it. He slept in our bed that night because I was a little nervous.

The Tooth!

His lip the next day

One week from the accident and with his glasses:
The Studious Look

The Cheesy Look
(if you take a close look, you can see where his gum is still bruised)

He is such a funny kid, and he looks to the happiness in situations. I love this kid.