Friday, September 30, 2011

Luk's Extras

As homeschooler you know that you want to make sure your child is doing something outside of the home, or they are active in things other than school work. So, for Luk we picked two things that we thought he would really enjoy. The first is that we signed him up for Karate. I had made a post about this in the past, but here is our little guy and his best friend after a night of sparring.

Here is a video of Luk- Yes you hear an audible, "Oh Lord" come from me. We have Luk in Karate to practice his self-control, and I wasn't sure how that was going to go when someone hit him. Thankfully, his instructor made it to were none of the new boys got hit so that they could get used to it. He did great.

The other thing that we have Luk be apart of is 4H. He will be showing this little princess:

The breeder (Mandy) named her "Acorn," and we are going to go with that even though she reassured us we could change it, but why change a good thing. If you know Luk his animal naming skills are  quite... human. He wanted to name the bunny "Fred." I happily told him that SHE had a name, and it was "Acorn." He was okay with that. He was a bit bummed that it was a girl, but today while talking to someone on the  phone about Compassion they asked if I had a daughter. I said, "no, not unless you count Gabriela." Luk says loudly, "Yes, you do now. We have a girl bunny!" So, you are the first to be formally introduced to our new addition, our baby girl, Acorn! The breeder exampled that she is a bit fat, well I guess she is gonna fit right in with her momma, and she's a brunette! I got my brown haired gal after all. And so...

These are Luk and his extras. He does have one more "extra" that he is apart of, and that is a homeschool gorup that teaches history/geography. I wasn't going to do it originally because I didn't want to ad too much on his plate. If he gets overwhelmed I will pull him out, but for now he is enjoying it. All of his friends are in the class, and it is after his library storytime. He hated being the only one not there. So, here they are: