Friday, July 29, 2011

New Routines

We are a routine following family. Now, when I say that I don't mean that everything has to happen in an exact time to the very second, but rather the order of events that occur daily. The boys in morning usually get breakfast with "Super Why" and "Dinosaur Train" in the morning, followed by school (and such), then lunch with "Spongebob Squarepants," followed by nap time, then dinner prep with music playing or movie, and then dad gets home which can consist of video games, movie, TV shows. Then it's bed time routine, bath/shower, Bible reading, prayer, singing songs, then bed.

Well, our routine has been changed this week. We have taken out the morning TV watching, and focused on listening to the Action Bible on CD.

We've also done away with TV after nap. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but just have never gotten around to do. Let's me honest, it's easy to turn the switch so that dishes, cooking, and cleaning can get done, but I'm sick of it. Our pastor gave a challenge (well, I took it as a challenge) to turn off the TV for one main purpose, to get engaged with the Holy Spirit.

I don't know how many of you are friends with your pastor, but it can benefit you tremendously because I know when he says something up at that pulpit it's because God told him to say it. So, our routine changed immediately. I didn't go into gradually, I simply looked at Luk and said, "we aren't doing that anymore." So, the new routine goes something like this.

We wake up, breakfast, listen to the Action Bible, school/computer (it's summer break still), toys, lunch with music likings of either Passion or Owl City, nap, dinner prep with Action Bible and art (he has to draw a story he is listening to), dinner, play time with dad, and same bed time routine you read before. Right now, it's 11:21 and he is watching "Toy Story 2," which I started 45 minutes ago, but he just went to watch it now because he was doing a word game.

Action Bible Drawing Time
Noah and the Ark
 I asked Luk if he would be drawing the rainbow, 
and he said, "no, they aren't on land yet." I stand corrected!
Noah and Ark, there's the land, there's the Promise

I've found that he is listening better because the noise is off, and if there is something on it's things that are full of TRUTH not junk. As Michelle Duggar puts it, "You aren't going to put garbage in your mouth. You don't put garbage in your mind." Today, is Friday, so why not add a movie in the mix. You still can't take away the fact that mom like a good movie here and there. There are also Wednesdays that go with a bit of golf with the dad.

May I add that Luk put Dad in his place, and he almost beat Papa. =D

Summer is coming to a close quickly, and we are wanting to be engaged with our "Father of the world" (as Luk says). Once school starts up again it gets hectic, so we are starting the new now so it is habit. We fill our house with the TRUTH at least three times a day now. As Ann Voskamp would say it's "one habit that radically changes a family." As Logan gets order I want to do actually readings; we are trying it out at bed time and it has proven to be quite a circus taming him to settle in for the Word. So, for now, I make sure that it is heard through out house on the CD.

And so we have new routines, one that will shape the boys in my life to engage not only with their family, but to learn to engage in TRUTH, in the Holy Spirit. And I live true to this quote, "Proud parent of a kid who nearly flunked math, but whose heart is tender toward the Lord." -Karen Ehman

I also want to ask those that read this blog, to head over to my family blog. I will be heading to Peru by myself, and I could use some prayer. I will be posting regularly on it about the upcoming planning of it. I leave in September. You will also get a better feel for what convictions and thoughts have been hitting me to make some of the decisions that I make that ultimately effect our homeschool journey! Thanks!