Friday, July 30, 2010

School will be in Session...

Monday! Luk is really excited, and I am overwhelmed because the school room got pretty cluttered after I went to a public school teachers moving sale. Sigh... However, the hubby and I will be cleaning on Saturday, and I am hoping that I will have the time to get it done then. We have had a busy summer with Youth camp, swim lessons, and mini-vacations. Now, it is time to get the school year started. See
you next week. The first What's in the Box will be up sometime Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mommy goes to school from home, too.

For the past three and a half years, I have been finishing up my college degree online. GCU was my fourth college/university to attend, and I am happy to say that in May I graduated! Today... I got my Diploma. I am one happy Momma. It has been a full seven years of schooling, marriage, and welcoming two boys into our family, but I did it! If I may also pat my back a bit, I did it with honors! YAY!!! Super excited.
Here is the proof =D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bowling: Our Family Date Night

I must say that Luk usually comes up with some pretty good ideas. We were planning on just taking the boys out to eat, but then Luk suggested a great little plan... bowling. I had asked him where he wanted to eat dinner. He had suggested "Taco Bell," however I explained to him that he doesn't usually eat well there. So, he said, "how about that bowling place and then you can teach me how to bowl?" GREAT IDEA!
The Hubs used to play in a bowling league growing up, and we just have never really thought about taking Luk. This may have to turn into a more regular event because we had a blast. Luk really enjoyed himself and so did we.
It was wonderful watching Luk's reactions to the pins falling, and his team work skills. If I didn't do to great, he would give me a high-five and say, "It's okay because you did good the first time." It was  cute to see him cheer us on. I think the best part was that he didn't get upset if he didn't hit too many pins (the bumper guard was up). He is usually all about winning, but with bowling he just had fun. This has been something I have worked on with him. It is not about winning, but that he has fun while he plays, and he did just that. Here are a few photos:

Mommy Thoughts: Sports has always been a big thing growing up in my family. If it wasn't for hospitals, I am pretty sure that I would have born on a Baseball field. My dad umpired, coached, and my brothers played all year round. Needless to say, this turned into very competitive off-spring. You can't play a board game without usually the two brothers getting competitive. It took a bad experience in my life to realize that sports and being competitive just aren't THAT important.
Luk is naturally competitive, and it has been a challenge teaching him that sports are for fun not to get upset over. As the years go on, I know that this will continue to be a challenge as we are immersed in a town that puts sports in front of God. The priorities of sports is almost (if not) idolatry.
So, seeing Luk just have fun was refreshing. Rules that we have at home on recreation/sports: if Luk gets upset about losing or not doing good, we pull him away from the situation and talk about why he is upset. If he can't use self-control and continue to have fun, then he doesn't continue. Luk gets this way many times when he plays video game, and we have to take it away.

How do you teach your child to not be overly competitive in recreation?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VBS and Our 4th of July

VBS was a great success for our church. Luk had a wonderful time, and the so did Reson and me. We challenged the children to bring any change that they could to raise $40.00 to send the blankets that they made for the children sponsored by World Vision in Africa. Well, our 51 kids brought $123.01. We were really proud, and for their awesomeness they got to pie our pastors. Luk was not too found of dad getting pied. He actually had to leave with one of the crew leaders because he was crying, poor kid. =) Here are some last day shots.

We had a wonderful celebration of the Fourth with the Landress clan, eating hamburgers and firing up some fireworks.

One last photo is our wonderful Ms. Linda taking care of the kiddos during VBS. Can you tell they love her?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Continuous of Swim Lessons and VBS

Even though this has been a crazy busy week, I have to say that we have been tremendously blessed. Seeing young children and adult worshiping together is a wonderful sight at our VBS. As for swim lessons, I must say that I am incredibly proud of Luk. He has been doing an amazing job! Here is a short video clip of my little swimmer (by the way, if I haven't mentioned, we LOVE our instructors!).

Here are some still shots of him doing his thing in the pool.

VBS week continues, here is what got added to Luk's wardrobe.

Last night was the "Gospel" night at VBS, it was a beautiful drama that Group puts together for churches. Here is just one small thing of what the kids saw last night.

 Logan has been having fun in the nursery this week, and in the pool. He is my water baby, so for him it is tough seeing his big brother in the pool and not him.  Here is Logan with Ms. Niki, she's the sweetest!

Ms. Brittany (one of Luk's Sunday School teachers, her wonderful mom is the other teacher) took him for a little dip, and Logan showed her the love for cooling him down in the pool.

One more day for VBS, and another water filled week of Swim Lessons!
I leave you with Logan beginning to crawl!