Friday, September 14, 2012

We started homeschooling... in GEORGIA!!!

Well, it was goodbye Florida and hello Georgia. My husband is no longer working as a full time store manager and "part time" minister (no such thing as part time ministry), and he is now a student pastor at a church in Georgia. Our boys have been true champs through the "good-byes" and new house, new friends, and new church. The truth is that God has been so faithful to our family; it is all been very overwhelming.

Now, our GA homeschool journey includes tracking our days and hours and making sure to touch on all the "required" subjects along with my usual daily planner. The adjustment hasn't been difficult as we have been doing everything needed except a writing curriculum, which I quickly corrected when I saw what was required for a first grader.

The first week of school gone well. Luk did well on day one and then like usual asks for a break on day two and three.

Here is a glimpse of our week and our new school "room" aka dining room:

Before we left we visited some Mummies
It concluded our study on Egypt over the summer.

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PreK School

Paper Mache Globe

A little taste of our home.

Fun shots with dad