Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When will you be "official"?

We will be registering Luk for Kindergarten in the Fall, this will be happening between August and September. I'm trying to figure out when I want the school year to start because usually Sept and Oct are our off months. With that being said, tonight the good ol' husband and I are going to sit down and figure out how we want to plan the school year as far as time frame goes. Our curriculum is not changing, Luk did a great job this past "year" with what we have for him. Phonics has been our strong hold and including math at different times.

Here are some of things he has completed and knows:
  • Explode the Code Book 1 - completed level K phonics, can read level K books, complete set one of Bob Books.
  • Explode the Code Book 1 1/2 - I am picking out the pages that I feel were not elaborated on in book 1. Sentence framing/comprehension and more in-depth reading comprehension. I highly recommend this book for those pages. 
  • Right Start Math - He knows parallel lines, quadrilaterals & triangles, simple addition, count to 100, and we are now going off Right Start Math to get him familiar with money for some responsibilities lesson I want to do. They do money in Right Start, but I'm going over recognition and value. He knows how to visibly see quantities to 10 without counting, knows how to work the abacus, and patterning/grouping/graphing. 
  • Science - we are doing living things still as we are growing our plants at home. He is also learning food chains & food cycles.
  • Geography - learning maps, address, Smith & Pataso our Compassion children and their lifestyles
  • Handwriting Without Tears - has been going good, but slow. ETC has a lot of writing so he is burnt out on it, but the days that there is not much to do bring it out and we practice penmanship. He knows that book comes out and he has to do it perfect. With ETC, I have let him get sloppy, but I have to say that each time I bring out HWT his next time doing ETC is better. He knows the expectation of doing it right and keeping it that way. 
  • Positive Action Bible - we are only on Lesson 7 which is Abraham and Isaac. I've noticed that staying on this curriculum is not easy as we go through out the year doing different things. FOr example, Christmas we do an Jesse Tree Advent Devotional and now as Easter approaches and focus on this being our most holiday of the year we now are doing this Easter Devotional. I have been blessed to have found these from Ann Voskamp and that she has been so generous to share them for free. I highly recommend them. They are beautifully written, and I think I enjoy hanging our ornaments everyday just as much as him. I will be posting our Easter adventure with this soon. SO, needless to say Positive Action is great, but we just haven't gotten through it all, yet.
Logan is officially a toddler (17 months old), and I am devastated by it. =D He has been walking since 10 months old, been running since 11 months old, and talking like crazy. If you pay really close attention you can make out his words. He will say crazy words that are too big for him like battery or phone. Yet, I can't get the kid to say car. It's funny. He says dog (and it's sound), cat, mama, dada, coo-coo (my mom), papa, nana (banana and DH's mom), drink, open.... So on, he is along for the ride. He sings and dances. Recently, I was in the kitchen and he was pulling at the alphabet magnets on the frig. I said, "that's A." He says, "A." Then I said, "can you say B." He said it, and began humming the ABC song. Sheesh. He catches on quick. It is dangerous when it comes to his Evil Knievel skills.

I think that wraps it up for now. Here is our Jesse Tree Journey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Luk is a Reader

I haven't posted this for awhile, but Luk is reading. He finished the ETC Book 1 about a month ago, and we have been going through parts of ETC 1 1/2. I decided to purchase it, and see what all it had inside. I was very impressed. It had some of the same things that book 1 had, however it had two things that book 1 never fully introduced and that is building a sentence from jumbled words and further reading comprehension.

So, for example there is a word box with: jam, fans, bass, Al, van, bag

You then have the sentences to build:
- Nan _______ the fat cat. (fans, there is photo)
- _______ is in the bag. (Al)
- Ann adds gas to the ______. (van)
- Jan's cap is a _______. (bag)
- Sal sat in the _______. (jam)
- A mad _______ sat in a pan. (bass)

Sentence Building there is a photo with words then a blank sentence line.
these words jumbled up: the can., at, is, Sal, mad
- Sal is mad at the can.

van., has, the, Ann
- Ann has the van.

pan., in, a, naps, Hal
- Hal naps in a pan.

So, we are doing this to further his reading comprehension and sentence building along with his reading. He is really doing great. He picked up a DVD and said "qu-a-ck p-a-ck" that says "Quack Pack." Bob books set 1 are done, and he continues to read his library books.

So, we move on.